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Active tours across Mountain Altai


Active tours across Mountain Altai

The general information on active tours

Active routes pass on sparsely populated highlands. The majority of routes do not demand special preparation. Following the routes passing the frontier areas, it is necessary to have a passport. For people, suffering from specific diseases it’s necessary to have a set of medicines.

The price of any active tour includes:

  • Equipment Rent (tent, a backpack, bedding, kettles, an axe, a sleeping bag; on water rounds: a raft, a life jacket, a helmet, an oar, dry bag)
  • Food service on a route (3 times a day)
  • The service of the instructor and the groom (for horse tours only)
  • Rent of horses (for horse tours only)
  • Transport expenses during the tour
  • Recreational inpayments
  • Delivery to a place of the beginning of the tour (at will)
  • Medical insurance

An active tour requires to be equipped with:

  • Convenient footwear (trainers or track boots; rubber boots (for horse tours)
  • A Set of metallic dishes (a plate, a cup, a spoon)
  • Warm waterproof clothes
  • Subjects of personal hygiene, including a sun-protection cream
  • Sun glasses (only for foot tours)

The path name


Duration of a tour

Cost of a tour, 2013

М-204 «The Fairy tale of mountains and lakes» (foot)

8 days / 7 nights 14000 rubles

М-207 «Edigansky complex tour (by horse, by water)»

8 days / 7 nights 15000 rubles

М-210 « Altai Golden Ring» (autumn, spring tours)

10 days / 9 nights
9 days / 8 nights
31500 rubles (june, september)
27500 rubles (june, september)

М-210 «the Golden Ring of Altai. Summer tour» (classical)

10 days / 9 nights 39000 rubles

М-210 (3) «the Golden Ring of Altay. Winter tour»

10 days / 9 nights
9 days / 8 nights
30500 rubles
27500 rubles


About adventures on rest, including on Mountain Altai, it is written much enough. If to speak seriously to 80 % arrived to have a rest on base of rest hope to find the new acquaintances, new adventures.

Such expectations facilitate acquaintances. Especially pull together in common overcome difficulties (excursions in mountains, campaigns, etc.). The elite, arranged well bases small (наполняемость – 20-40 people). On them very often come families or корпоративно (collectives). The base of rest "Katun" gives possibility of the dialogue, new знакомст and impressions. On "Katun" gather to 650-700 persons simultaneously in the summer. The majority of places are arranged poorly well (except case "LEOPARD" and cottages on «New Katun»). The prices for residing the cheapest in Mountain Altai. For this reason the most part of summer cases is filled by students.

80-90 % having a rest – till 30 years. For dialogue good conditions are created: a dancing hall (to 300 persons), the excursion program richest on Mountain Altai (about 30 kinds of excursions).

Nearby 2х tens campaigns: on horses, on the car, on foot, water travel (rafting).

On base "Katun" 2 points of a food: a dining room and cafe. There is a big dancing hall where 300 persons gather nearby. Nobody did statistics of sexual adventures, but dances and dialogue frequently till the morning.

In general, sleep on base "Katun" a little. Whether air such, whether the energy put about the river, or the reason all same adventures.

The base of rest "Katun" is pleasant to all that who likes productive leisure, well and, of course, adventures.

The Golden Ring


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Золотое Кольцо Алтая 2022

Авторский тур по Алтаю

Активный тур по Алтаю цена

Тур "Золотое кольцо Алтая"


Активный тур по Алтаю цена

Требуются гиды-экскурсоводы для авто-туров по Алтаю, имеющие организаторские способности, навыки организации и проведения экскурсий, знающие историю и природу Алтая, любящие свое дело и жаждущие развиваться и совершенствоваться.

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e-mail: booking@sibaltay.ru



Отдых и лечение в Белокурихе

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Отзывы туристов

Огромное спасибо всем
организаторам и
«исполнителям» тура
«Золотое кольцо Алтая». Не описать словами все красоты Алтая, которые мы увидели.

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