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М-210 «the Golden Ring of Altai. Summer tour»

М-210 «the Golden Ring of Altai. Summer tour» (classical)


Долина Чулышманаоз Телецкое

We offer you a route which comprises all the advantages of active tourism, besides it is supplied with all the conveniences necessary for a tourist’s trip. You’ll have a chance to observe the beauty and secrets of Altai. There will be a possibility of residing in small houses having all the necessary conditions for a comfortable rest. Altai Golden Ring tour covers the most famous natural, historical and cultural objects of Altai: the legendary Teletsky lake and stormy Katun river the canyon of river Chulyshman; the well-known Chujsky road and its views; the rock paintings of natural boundary Kalbak-Tashand Scythian barrows of Pazyryk. The comfortable conditions created while the traveling on Altai Golden Ring Tour will attract both active tourists, and amateurs, children and teenagers. Besides, we plan our route in such a way that you will have a possibility to meet the groups of tourists following and returning by the same route. It will help you to make new friends, exchange your impressions; it will make your traveling more interesting.

  • A tour Kind: combined
  • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
  • Number of tourists in group: from 6 to 12
  • Extent of the car rout: 1200 km
  • Extent of the water rout: 78 km
  • The tour Price: 39000р. – June; 43000р. – July; 43000р. – August

The schedule of arrivals for 2020

The tour price includes:
1. Residence at the bases during the traveling
2. Transport expenses
3. Guide Service
4. Food service during the traveling
5. The excursion program
6. The insurance
7. Water trip around Teletsky lake

A short description of a route
1 day Arrival to the tourist centre "Katun”. 9:00 - breakfast. 14:00 and short rest. During the rest you have a chance to take an excursion “the Legend of Chemal”. During the excursion you’ll have a walk from Chemalsky Hydroelectric Power Station to island Patmos where a temple in honor of John Bogoslova is located. You’ll reach the merging point of rivers Chemal and Katun; examine the Chemalsky water basin, taste the water from the local springs 19:00 - supper. Walking part - 3 km.
2 day 9:00 - breakfast. Rafting down the river of Katun with the passage of rapids of Iradash (complexity category – 2) and Seminsky (complexity category – 3); a visit to Kamyshlinsky falls and Taldinsky caves with their through tunnels. A dinner is arranged in the region of the falls. 20:00 - supper.
3 day 9:00 - breakfast. A move to the base "Nomad" down the well-known Chujsky road. A visit to Seminsky pass and pass Chike-Taman, an archaeological complex of "Kur-Kechu" and an ancient sanctuary "Kalbak-Tash" famous for its petroglyphs. An overnight stop at the tourist base "Nomad". 15:00 - dinner in a local cafe "Feel-Oozy". 20:00 - supper. A bath. A night in the Mongolian yurtas.
4 day 9:00 - breakfast. Radial departure for the valley of Mazhoj river A trip to Mazhojsky cascade situated on the river of Chuya (complexity category-6). The river runs through a deep canyon. A rise to Mazhojsky pass, which will open a view on the mounts of Karakabak and Kurkure, the tops of the Kurajsky ridge and a deep valley of Mazhoj river. Back trip to the base "Nomad", a dinner. A short rest will be followed by a radial exit to the falls of "Vucharah" and "Chibitsky". 20:00 - supper. Walking part - 6 km. .
5 day 9:00 - breakfast. Radial departure for Tarhatinsky megalithic complex. During the trip you’ll be pleased by a majestic panorama of the North Chujsky, Kurajsky and South Chujsky ridges; Kurajsky steppe with the snow-white tops of Aktru (translated as «white settlement») on its background. The Tarhatinsky complex is a cult place of Altai; the scientists consider it to belong to an archeological-astronomical category which means that the ancient inhabitants of Altai used it for the purposes of the coordination of their life with the space rhythms. There are a lot of petroglyphs and also a unique construction - «the Armchair of the shaman». A dinner in the village of Kosh-Agach. Back trip to "Nomad". 20:00 - supper.
6 day 9:00 - breakfast. Moving to the valley of Chulyshman river. On your way you are going to cross the well-known «Red gate» opening a way to Chibitsky lake-land. A visiti to the natural boundary Pazyryk and the survey of barrows of Scythian tsars. Your way lies down the grandiose streamer of pass Katu-Jaryk leading to the bottom of Chulyshmansky canyon. Arrival to base "Ezen". 15:00 - dinner. 20:00 - supper. A sit-round gathering by the fire. An overnight stop in Altai ail.
7 day 9:00 - breakfast. The tour to the tract Chiri with the walking along the south side of the Lake Teletskoye to Kyginskogo Bay and visit the unique apple orchard on the estate Smirnov. Return to the base "Kyrsay", the lunch at the base. The dinner at 20pm.
8 day At 9:00 - breakfast. A day stand. Sightseeing and a walking tour around the neighborhood. Rest. Fishing. A trip to the hydrosulphuric source and Achelmansky falls. 14:00 - dinner. 19:00 - supper. A sit-round gathering by the fire. Walking part - 3 km.
9 day 9:00 - breakfast. A boat ravel around Teletsky lake with the visit of Korbu falls. You’ll have a chance to observe a magnificent view of the falling water from a spacious viewing platform. A dinner is organized in the region of the falls. Arrival to base "Lagoon". 19:00 - the Supper. An overnight stop in comfortable rooms.
10 day 9:00 - breakfast. Home departure.



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Активный тур ао Алтаю цена

Тур "Золотое кольцо Алтая"


Требуются гиды-экскурсоводы для авто-туров по Алтаю, имеющие организаторские способности, навыки организации и проведения экскурсий, знающие историю и природу Алтая, любящие свое дело и жаждущие развиваться и совершенствоваться.

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Отдых и лечение в Белокурихе

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Огромное спасибо всем
организаторам и
«исполнителям» тура
«Золотое кольцо Алтая». Не описать словами все красоты Алтая, которые мы увидели.

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